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Nepal - kingdom in the Himalayas

Nepal is a kingdom in the Himalayas. It lies between two big countries, India & China. The total area of Nepal is 147881 sq.Km with an East to West length of about 800Km. and a North to South width of about 90-230Km. Nepal is located 26˚ 26’ north – 30˚ 26’ north latitude & 80˚ 03’ east – 88˚ 15’ west longitude. The elevation of Nepal starts at 70m above sea level and ends with Mt. Everest at 8848m. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world and has a population of about 22 million people. Education is not compulsory here so only 40% of the population is literate. The primary religions in Nepal are Hinduism & Buddhism. There are also some Muslims & Christians. There are more than 40 different ethnic groups in Nepal, each having their own dialect & cultural. Nepal has a constitutional monarchy and multiparty democracy.
Nepal is very rich in cultures & history. You can spend a week easily just in Kathmandu looing at the art & architechture of places like the Monkey temple, Bauddhanath (Little Tibet) the great Hidutemple of Pashupatinath, Kathmandu darwar Square, Patan darwar Squae, Bhaktapur Darwar Square, Freek Street and Thamel. You can also go to Nagarkot about 15km. from Kahtmandu to see the sunrise or sunset and the panoramic mountain views.

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