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About Us

» Introduction

Traveling Was always and has been a necessity and not a luxury for a great deal of People with different needs and requirements, whether for Business purpose or recreational, Educational, exploration, or even biblical one, It is always been a hard and time consuming task process for some people to fulfill their travel requirements which of course can be a hassle to reach for the best and utmost conditions, either by going to local tour operators, or searching the www. Which might not reflect the reality? Here at Asian Explorer we place in your hands years of professional experience in the industry, but also the most Up- to -date sophisticated technological advanced systems related to industry , we believe that providing integral and up- to the moment solutions for our colleagues and customers separate us from the rest, Passion for the industry gives us the impetus for innovation and creativity reflected in our itineraries and tailor made programs that would suite different travelers needs from budget travelers to those who are seeking lavishness , Our wide world of services & itineraries include classical , educational ,recreational , biblical & meditation , safari & expeditions , Ecological tourism , not only that but our span of expertise allows us to be part of the modern world of MICE operations “ meetings , incentives conferences and exbhitions” for corporate firms and individuals alike Here at Asian Explorer we embrace and cherish our close and tight relation with our business colleague in the form of B2B concept, we can simply provide with the best deal there is, assuring you the utmost care and attention for your guest Our alliance of travel experts which we deeply believe they are the cream of the crop of the industry can provide you with instant solutions and answers for your queries on the spot and around the clock We have been dealing with different type of travelers from every corner of the world; therefore we understand the mentality and henceforth the needs of our guests Finally we invite travel professionals and industry colleagues to join hands with us and let us reintroduce India once more as a top vacation destination as we believe INDIA HAS IT ALL

» Our Mission Statement

To be the most trusted and quality oriented Destination Management Company in India. We shall remain committed to responsible tourism without compromising on quality to achieve our mission.

How do we fulfill our Mission

1.We deliver what we promise.
2.We maintain transparency in our dealings with the client.
3.We ensure compliance to standard procedures. This ensures quality.
4.We are professional in our attitude and delivery of services.

» Responsible Tourism

Being responsible in the way that we operate our holidays is very important to us here at Asian Explorer. Asian Explorer fully supports the principles of responsible travel and sustainable tourism and has been working hard to show that it is possible to provide an excellent quality service whilst being culturally sensitive and helpful to conserve the environment. However Responsible travel doesn't mean a compromise on the enjoyment of trip of your clients or the quality of their accommodation.
Asian Explorer Responsible Tourism Policy

1.We ensure that the financial benefits of tourism are passed down throughout the entire company, including the office staff, guides, naturalists and the wildlife communities in which we work
.2.We use hotels and resorts at a destination whose drivers, guides and support staff have been selected and trained from local communities.
1.We reduce paper wastage in our office by not producing any form of paper brochures. All communications are by email and paper mail is rarely sent or received. Our brochure is only printed when required , to eliminate excess wastage. We have reduced the need for paper in our office by the use of computer technology.
2.We have an ongoing training of our guides and naturalists to ensure high standards of environmental care and responsible behavior.
3.We undertake regular meetings to discuss Responsible Tourism and make sure that all staff are involved in the decision-making process and encouraged to contribute.
1.We encourage our clients to act in a responsible manner. Our guides and naturalists are professionally qualified and have a great passion for their work. Not only will they tell you about the history of the places you will visit but they will also be able to tell you about the culture and the local traditions and superstitions.
2.We are particular and committed towards using hotels and resorts which follow environmental policy.
3.We contribute directly to many community projects as mentioned in our Initiatives mentioned below.

» Why Us

Preparing individually tailored holidays are our passion - our aim being to create the perfect memorable experience for your clients.We are totally dedicated to provide you with the highest quality service. This is how we stand out from the crowd.
We understand how important a holiday is to your clients and will take the time to discuss their individual requirements with you.Our staff is resourceful,knowledgeable and intuitive. In fact, anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients is second nature to us.
With us your enquiry is directed to a Consultant who has the most recent and detailed experience of requested destination/s so that you are guaranteed of accurate and up to date information.
You deal with the same highly trained consultant from start to finish.Our consultants are experts on every corner of Indian Subcontinent,offer personal,friendly and expert service.
We have preferred rates with all suppliers,which ensure that our partnership with all clients is commercially rewarding for them.We offer a best rate guarantee.We'll match any legitimate quote that you've received.
We're just like a normal travel agency except that we are more accessible and more convenient for you.You can phone us,fax us,email us and be assured that the response time will not be more than 24 hours.
Deal with someone you can trust.Asian Explorer is recognized by Govt.of India.
A stringent quality control department monitors feedback from across the country and endeavors to constantly improve the quality of service with a strong emphasis on creating a wow factor from the travellers.
Honesty, Transparency and Integrity.

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