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Trekking Camps In the Himalayas

Himalaya is considered as the home of beautiful white snows. It is located through a large area running from southeast to northwest of the Asian continent. The adventure and enjoyment of trekking can be well felt in the Himalayan ranges running through the city of Rishikesh of Uttaranchal.

At Rishikesh different trekking paths are available where you can enjoy the adventurous life while smelling the fragrance of the nature at the same time.

Roop kund Trek: Roop Kund is the lake located at high altitude in the Himalayas where trekking camp is organized by Rainbow camp.
Dodi Tal Trek: Dodi Tal Lake is an amazing trekking area. The place is surrounded with water of the lake along with trees of oak, deodar, pine and many more trees.
Kuari Pass Trek: You can enjoy a lovely trekking experience while passing the beautiful Kuari Pass Trek.
Panwali Kanta Trek: Watch out the beautiful range of Yamnotri- Gangotri- Kedarnath- Badrinath peaks. You will love to see the beauty of the nature of Rishikesh while you enjoy the trekking experience with friends and families.
Harki Dun Trek: You can enjoy trekking at Harki Dun during the months of June to October. This period is best for trekking as rest part of the year are very cold and may not suit every trekkers health.
Chandrashila Summit Trek: One of the most popular areas of trekking at rishikesh is Chandrashila Summit. You can enjoy trekking over here almost in all months of the year except from the period of December & January.
We the team of Rainbow camp at Rishikesh arrange the trekking camps with all required facilities that as a trekker you will require. So please come and join us in the journey to nature right at Rishikesh.

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